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The Speedy Six

I suggested these to teachers in Australia over a decade ago, and am humbled to hear that schools are still using them as whole school activities.

We used to do all 6 in around 25 minutes, but you can adapt according to how much time you have. If I only had ten minutes I'd do activities 1,3 and 5 one day, 2,4 and 6 the next.

was just one of the Phase 2 activities included in the 2 hour literacy block for Prep children
The others are shown in the old training videos, accessible here

This was recorded when I spent a year mentoring teachers on the Gold Coast. The Speedy Six has changed considerably since then, but it may still be useful to watch. No one else was doing anything like this ten years ago, as the focus was always on 'teaching'—using a Scope and Sequence—which ignored the principles of differentiation. I have always been out there asking teachers to focus on the learning of every child, using activities that offer each child the ability to learn something new. I'm known for saying 'What's new for YOU?'
Miss Emma aka The Duck Hand Lady 

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