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Cracking the Reading Code with Monster Map and Drag Tool

Wooden Surface
The Phonemies (Speech Sound Monsters) show the phoneme (sound) value for the Sound Pics (graphemes)
Within the four SSP Code Levels the 'Sound Pics' we cover explicitly are shown on the outside of the Spelling Clouds®. Explore the others with the new MySpeekie app when launched next month: it includes 'Map and Drag' and 'Show the Word'.
Discover the whole Universal Spelling Code from Speech to Print and also Print to Speech!  

Map and Drag for desktop back again soon. Existing members login here.
Email for support if you are an existing Map and Drag member. 
Also access Map and Drag within the I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Lessons app.
The Different Reading Framework from The Reading Hut - Phonemies - Phonemic Awareness Mastery with Speech Sound Mapping
The Different Reading Framework
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