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The Duck Hand Challenge

Duck Hands Challenge - Speech Sound Mapping
Duck Hands!

Duck Hand your name!  What are Duck Hands? Click if new to DH:-)

Can you 'Duck Hand' your name?
Join us at a training session! If you love play-based learning" It just makes sense! "
The Duck Hand Challenge!
Skilled Readers can find this really hard!
Speech Sound Mapping helps:-)

The number one predictor of whether an individual will find reading and spelling difficult or easy is their phonemic awareness: the ability to segment words into the smallest sound units (phonemes), order these sounds, and blend them.
"Phoneme awareness difficulties are the most common problem for students who struggle — the vast majority of students with word recognition difficulties lack sufficient phoneme awareness" (Kilpatrick, Chapter 4, Equipped for Reading Success, 2016)
If they struggle with this foundational skill, everything else falls apart. It is a hallmark of dyslexia. Miss Emma, The Duck Hands Lady, guides parents in overcoming their child's phonemic awareness issues at home  #rewiringdyslexia


For skilled readers, mapping words into speech sounds can be challenging! This difficulty can arise from orthographic interference, where the visual representation of a word in the mind's eye detracts from focusing on the speech sounds. Miss Emma assists parents in overcoming their own difficulties, enabling them to better support their child.

Ask about Duck Hand training with Emma Hartnell-Baker, The Duck Hands Lady! Speech Sound Mapping. Miss Emma currently resides in Dorset, the UK 
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