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Speech Sound Thoughts

Emma Hartnell-Baker
- Innovate UK Award Winner
I Can Speak Without You
- NextGen AC

Innovative Communication app

I Can Speak Without You!
app : Think it, See it, Hear it.
Speech Sound Brains - Thought Driven Communication - ICSWY

Innovate UK Award Winner with Ortho-Graphix
'Speech Sound Mapping': Communicating My Way'—pioneering thought-driven communication for non-speaking children who do not yet read or spell. #DuckHands #SpeechSoundMapping #InnovateUKFunded

I Can Speak Without You! App: Communicating My Way.

Facilitating Thought-Driven Communication with Speech Sound Brains: Speech Sound Mapping

We are Speech Sound Monster Mappers!

Giving Non-Speaking Children a Voice! Supporting Children with Speech Delay.
Accelerating Learning for all Neurotypes

Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

Contact Emma Hartnell-Baker about the Speech Sound Mapping 

Giving Children their Word Wings!
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