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1,2, 3 and Away! Orthographically Mapped

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1,2,3 and Away! The Village with Three Corners

Monster Mapped word 'village'

Developing orthographic knowledge through books that have been orthographically mapped for children's reading encompasses a comprehensive approach that embraces all words within the text. These specially curated books are designed to expose young readers to a wide range of words, emphasising the visual aspect of written language. As children explore these books, they encounter various graphemes and letter combinations, allowing them to identify and recognise the unique components of each word. Additionally, reading the words out loud or listening to others do so provides an auditory dimension, reinforcing the connection between the visual symbols and their corresponding sounds.

Furthermore, the context provided by these orthographically mapped books aids in understanding word usage and meaning. Children not only learn how words are spelled and pronounced but also gain insights into how they function within sentences and stories. This comprehensive approach to orthographic mapping ensures that children develop a well-rounded understanding of written language, encompassing both common and less frequent words. 

Ultimately, these books serve as a valuable tool for nurturing strong foundational reading skills and promoting literacy development in children. The integration of visual, auditory, and contextual elements is essential in enhancing orthographic knowledge as an integral part of early literacy education, with a focus on all words rather than just those with explicitly taught GPCs or high-frequency ones.

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