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1 in 4 Eleven-Year-Olds in England Can't Read
Let's Change That!  

Unlocking Orthographic Knowledge for ALL Learners

Visible Universal Written Code!

Become an Exceptional Neuro-Inclusive
Speech Sound Mapping Therapist: 
Inspiring  Unique Minds

Speech Sound Pics - Developing Phonemic and Orthographic Awareness - Visual and Linguistic Phonics
Taking pictures of speech sounds: Speech Sound Pics

Speech Sound Mapping for Unique Minds 

Children can't become skilled readers and spellers without mastering orthographic word mapping. This could be the best investment in your child's future happiness you will ever make. You are with your child daily and will quickly and easily learn how to incorporate these playful techniques into daily life. Have fun together! Quite simply, there is nothing even remotely like this available for toddlers and ND (neurodiverse) learners anywhere else.

Are you Neuro-Inclusive? Ready to step it up?
Let's Boost those Brain Word Banks!

Embrace your potential to be 'Exceptional' for unique children - whether your own children  (eg pre-school aged children or those being home-schooled) or others (as a therapist)

Inspiring Unique Minds 

Ortho-Graphix Ortho-Explorers! Facilitating Self-Directed Learning
monster_training (3).jpg
Training is hands-on, and thought-provoking!
Phonemies - Speech Sound Monster Mapping
Monster Mapping! Speech Sound Monsters help children navigate our opaque orthography
Exceptional Coaches! SpLD Specialists
Ortho-Graphix Coaching for Unique Minds
Are you an Ortho-Graphix Coach? Inspiring Unique Minds
1 in 4 children need more support building a brain word bank!
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