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1,2,3 & Away! Parent workshops are held every month with the Neurodivergent 'Reading Whisperer'. You only get one chance to introduce your child to 'reading', and whether they learn quickly and easily or not, their experiences can determine whether they choose to read for pleasure. Part of The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait

Duck Hands with Emma Hartnell-Baker

Attend three x 60 minute workshops with Innovate UK Award Winner, Emma Hartnell-Baker! As an Innovation and Inclusion Specialist, she shares a more natural way to learn reading and spelling
1,2,3 and Away! 

After three 60-minute workshops - on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of every month - you will learn how to support your child in confidently and independently communicating (even without spoken words) and in learning to read and spell in ways that are natural to your child. During the training, Emma Hartnell-Baker will tailor activities and routines to fit your lives and will continue to support you in the group after you have attended the sessions.

You can also book one-on-one sessions - following the 3 workshops - if you need them!

This training is suitable for parents of 2- to 4-year-olds and also 5- to 11-year-olds with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, verbal dyspraxia, and for those who are not learning to read and spell in school with confidence and independence.

Sessions are available in-person (Dorset) or via Zoom:


7-8 am QUEENSLAND TIME - via Zoom 
3-4 pm LONDON TIME - via Zoom 


Subsidised by Innovate UK as part of the "I Can Speak Without You" (ICSWY) Project: NextGen AAC app, until September. Pay just £2/US$3/AU$4.

Attend as many sessions as you like!

Professionals are also welcome (e.g., SENDCos, Speech Therapists).

Email for Calendar and Sign Up Links 

Emma Hartnell-Baker: Teaching Toddlers to Read as if They Have Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Speech Delay, or Verbal Dyspraxia.
Workshops for Parents of Children Aged 2 - 11

"By my third child, I knew with certainty that early experiences mattered more than I had previously thought. Being an avid reader myself, I expected my children to be the same. However, the way my first two were taught at school resulted in them viewing reading as a chore rather than a joy. I reached out to 'Miss Emma' when my youngest was only a toddler to find out what I could do differently. He started school as an avid reader, and while his class was learning phonics and completing worksheets, he was engaged in his own 'project' around things he was interested in: dinosaurs. He didn't need 'home readers', and the impact on his life—compared to my first two—was incredible. I would urge any parents to connect with Miss Emma—ideally while pregnant! Don't wait!" 

Innovate UK Funded - NextGen AAC

1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month
7 - 8am QUEENSLAND time. ZOOM
3 - 4pm LONDON Time. ZOOM 

The Reading Hut - Reading for Pleasure!
Giving Children their Word Wings! Ortho-Graphix

Every word has three forms: its sounds (phonemes), its orthography (spelling), and its meaning. Orthographic Mapping is the process all successful readers use to become fluent. Through this process, students use the oral language processing part of their brain to map (connect) the sounds of words they already know (the phonemes) to the letters in a word (the spellings). They then permanently store the connected sounds and letters of words (along with their meaning) as instantly recognisable words, described as 'sight vocabulary' or 'sight words.'

Emma Hartnell-Baker is developing Word Wings: Innovate UK Funded!

1. **Duck Hands, Lines, and Numbers: Making the Code Organised and Visible**

 - You will understand how this aligns with parent support for speech delay, early Dyslexia Screening, and Orthographic Interference. 


 2. **Speech Sound Mapping: Why Are We Mapping Words?**

 - You will understand the Speech Sound to Written Code Connection and how to address an ‘opaque orthography’ - and know what that means! 


3. **The Learning Journey: How to Reach the Magical ‘Self-Teaching’ Stage of Reading and Spelling** - "You will discover a broad array of pre-prepared activities and innovative Ortho-Graphix technology being developed, including a thought-driven communication app for non-speaking children. Additionally, you'll learn to identify exactly what your unique child needs.


So 1,2,3 and Away to go! 


If all learners could thrive by following the scope and sequence of a phonics program at school, then every child in England would be a skilled reader who reads for pleasure. These workshops are designed for parents of children who may need additional support to fill the gaps or to accelerate their learning rate, or for those who wish their child to become an avid reader before starting school.


Location: The Centre Ferndown
(Room 1) Barns Rd, Ferndown BH22 8XH


Children cannot become skilled readers and spellers without mastering orthographic word mapping. Being interested, engaged, and feeling included—with their differences embraced—makes all the difference!

 Join the '1,2,3 and Away!' Duck Hands in Dorset workshops, or express your interest in online sessions. These are three x 60 minute workshops designed to get you started: perhaps the best investment of your time in your child's future happiness you will ever make. You are with your child daily and will quickly and easily learn how to incorporate these playful techniques into daily life. Have fun together!

Quite simply, there is nothing even remotely like this available for toddlers and neurodiverse (ND) learners anywhere else: Ortho-Graphix® was designed for non-speaking children and those with dyslexia, but all are welcome!

We also understand that you may want to simply find out about Speech Sound Mapping without a big initial time or financial commitment: each of the three workshops will only cost you a token £2 coin! 

The "1,2, 3 and Away!" workshops introduced by Emma Hartnell-Baker represent a unique and innovative approach to literacy and education, specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of home-schooled children and those who require supplementary support outside the school system. Ortho-Graphix promotes deep reading by focusing on three crucial elements: speech sounds, spelling, and the meaningful connection of words to the brain's word bank.

The structured format of the 3 workshops, requiring attendance in sequential order (1,2,3!) but not necessarily consecutively within the same month, allows for flexibility in scheduling, making it accessible for more parents and family members to attend, specifically to support their child or children. The token fee of a £2 coin per session, along with the basic requirement of a wipe-off whiteboard and pen, ensures that these workshops are both affordable and practical for participants. 1,2,3 and Away you go! The fun, experiential and simple way to get you started! 

By attending these 3 sessions, participants are promised a comprehensive understanding of the foundational aspects of literacy that are often overlooked by other educational programs worldwide. This knowledge is particularly beneficial for adults responsible for the learning needs of children with specific differences and needs, such as dyslexia or verbal dyspraxia. After attending the sessions families may think it beneficial to create support groups for children, and the best way to do this will be discussed. 

Emma Hartnell-Baker's direct involvement and her unique perspective on learning and thinking differently, recently recognised by Innovate UK, serve as a key asset to the program. By sharing her insights and knowledge, through practical (hands-on) activities she offers a fresh and effective approach to literacy that promises to fill the gaps left by other educational methods and programs.


In summary, the "1,2, 3 and Away!" workshops represent a promising opportunity for families of home-schooled children and those seeking additional educational support. Through a blend of traditional - highly successful - reading materials and modern educational techniques and technology, these workshops aim to foster deep literacy skills and provide participants with the tools needed to make informed decisions about their children's educational paths. You will also connect with others who may have similar experiences.

1,2,3 and Away, as with the series, seeks to build a Village! 

Sessions start Sunday April 7th at The Centre in Ferndown, Dorset, and via Zoom.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month
£2 per session while subsidised by Innovate UK

7 - 8am QUEENSLAND time  - via ZOOM
10 - 11am at The Centre in Dorset
3 - 4pm LONDON time - via ZOOM


Emma Hartnell-Baker is a neurodivergent educator with a Master's degree in Special Educational Needs and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Reading.

She supports parents and teachers around the world in meeting the needs of neurodiverse learners, using a more 'natural' approach to guide children on their learning journey towards becoming readers: embracing their differences and focusing on their strengths.

Emma delivers training for SpLD tutors and teachers for PATOSS, the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties. It's a UK-based organisation that provides support and resources for professionals working with individuals with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. PATOSS aims to promote best practices in teaching and supports its members through training, information, and advice to enhance the education and inclusion of people with learning difficulties

Word Wings - Innovate UK Funded
Early Reading - 1,2,3 and Away! - with Phonemies - Speech Sound Therapy
Phonemies - Teacher and Parent Workshops - 1,2,3 and Away!
Avery explores 'Red' - 1,2,3 and Away!
Duck Hands Lines and Numbers with Miss Emma
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