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Home Schooling with Ortho-Graphix

Speech Sound Mapping at Home

Are you teaching your own children to read and spell at home? Miss Emma will provide suggestions for speech sound mapping at home, enabling children to quickly learn to read and spell through word play with words THEY find interesting.

A step-by-step program with lessons is available through the ICRWY Lessons app; however, the best methods for guiding your child towards 'self-teaching' will be shared within the 1,2,3 and Away! workshops.
Please also join our support group at!

Home Schooling - Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix

Interested? Fun Phonemic Awareness and Phonics with the Phonemies!

Come to the 1,2,3 and Away! Workshops - or ask about attending via live stream or Zoom! 
These 3 x 60 Minute Workshops will show you what you need to do - and are a great way to join a growing community of parents and teachers interested in Growing Word Wings, and meeting neurodiverse learner needs.    

You will need the following:

Master the 4 SSP Phonics Code Levels
includes the Monster Screen for Spelling Routine

ICRWY Lessons app - Step by Step Lessons

300+ Step by Step reading and spelling lessons plus the Code Mapping Tool- print your mapped text

Best Value

Speech Sound Monster Map and Drag Tool



Every year

Map Words to show the graphemes, drag down the IPA aligned Monsters

Valid until canceled

Develop Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness

Use the IPA Phoneme Characters Designed for Toddlers

Learn the IPA: Transcribe English Words to Phonetic Script

Access Member Only Downloads eg Ready-Mapped HF Words

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