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Ortho-Graphix: Speech Sound Mapping
Word Wings: Innovate UK Wiinner Emma Hartnell-Baker

Accelerated Phonemic Awareness and Orthographic Learning

Have a play! Click on the word to SEE and HEAR the spelling of ANY words. 

After (finally!) being able to share the news of our Innovate UK funding, I am feeling so excited about our work, offering early (early!) identification of differences, with proactive solutions to accelerate learning in ways that children view as PLAY! When they say, 'Can I go and play now?' we want them to choose Ortho-Graphix tech and resources! They simply build on their existing speech, language, and literacy journey - so the child does not need to adapt to fit the instruction; we understand the 'best-fit' solutions their brains would choose.

I have just added some 'clickable text' - Mapped Words® - on the site and below, to show that tech solutions can accelerate learning in real-time. Children do not need to 'wait' to be taught; they can click on ANY words to SEE the 'Speech Sound Pics' (graphemes) and HEAR the English speech sounds (phonemes) - showing them the information THEY need. If they know the word, they don't need to click! Or can, to reinforce and develop mastery. This is self-directed learning, with text they choose. We can use this for any books they want to explore independently - older students could even add their homework sheets, and they become 'clickable' - ideal for dyslexic learners.

We are in the early stages of making this an application to use with any text. The goal is to ensure that parents can scan pages of children's books - for personal use and educational purposes - import them into the Clickable Library, and explore the 'sounds', the 'spelling', and the meaning. These 3 elements are at the core of orthographic mapping and skilled reading.

The black-grey 'mapping' of words is my unique 'Code Mapping' technique and simply shows children the grapheme markers 'throughout the word', starting from word 1. The Universal English Code made VISIBLE. We are now adding the extra layer of support for children by showing the IPA alternatives: Speech Sound Monsters. These phoneme characters say one of the English Speech Sounds. Children as young understand concepts many school-aged children struggle with, and simply 'follow the Monster Sounds' to say the words. 

I am a neurodivergent woman obsessed with 'patterns' - and I use my Duck Hands® to segment words from left to right, and my Code Mapping solution to then show what maps with those Duck Hands®.

And if you liked this unique application of the research relating to how skilled readers learn (and what makes the journey so difficult for at least 1 in 4 children, regardless of intelligence or how much they are read to) and of supporting children as they learn to SPEAK in English - including those with delayed speech, or who speak English as a Second Language, then you will LOVE the Ortho-Graphix solutions we are developing.

Stay tuned! Please do 'connect' with me on LinkedIn. - as The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer® I'm new to the platform, and contact me if you, too, are obsessed with accelerating learning for all neurotypes - The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait.

Emma Hartnell-Baker

The Duck Hands® Lady

Doctoral Student, University of Reading (ironic, yes?!)

Duck Hands

Join the Support Group for those exploring words with students. I will evoke Orthographic Interference so that YOU become an expert Orthographic Mapper! 
It can be difficult to map words with children, as a skilled reader, as your brain gets in the way: confusing what is seen and heard! 
Emma Hartnell-Baker
The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer

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