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Speech Sound Brains - Monster Tots! Monster Mapping with OrthoGraphix
We are Monster Mappers! Speech and Language Therapy

Word Wings: Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy in the Early Years with the Speech Sound Monsters.

We need children to be OK Early: to have early orthographic knowledge skills.

The goal is not for children to learn to read before they even turn four, which is a lovely by-product; we love reading. The goal is for the children to develop brains attuned to speech sounds and to acquire excellent speech and language skills

Get Involved! Learn to Monster Map with Toddlers or if you are a teacher or tutor of phonics The Level 1 Award is now open. Learn to fill the phonics learning gaps.

The Toddler Project: Supporting Toddlers to Speak and Read in English through Speech Sound Mapping!
The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait - Growing Word Wings
Growing Word Wings - OrthoGraphix
Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

Growing Word Wings
Ortho-Graphix Support Group for Parents of Toddlers launches soon on the
Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping
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Monster Mappers! Innovative tech solutions to eradicate illiteracy

The BBC reports a crisis in UK Speech Therapy Services, exacerbated by lockdowns and staff shortages. Over 75,000 children are on waiting lists, and 29% of therapist positions remain unfilled. This has led to a generation starting school with significant speech difficulties, impacting their confidence and learning.

At the same time, the UK faces a 'SEND crisis.'

Miss Emma, an ND teacher, former OFSTED Inspector (Early Years) and SEND expert, is tackling many of these issues head-on by involving parents and offering training and support.

Many of these issues can be addressed by shaping speech sound brains in the early years: this helps children understand the sounds used when speaking, and how these link with 'pictures of speech sounds' (graphemes) on paper. They are also more likely to WANT to read, as the links between spoken and written language become clearer. Using Ortho-Graphix children can explore the words THEY want to explore. Learn about teaching toddlers to read! 

Day 2 of exploring 'Duck Level Words' (400+ high frequency words).

The 'no clues' word is on the front. Avery knows he can turn it over to 'follow the monster sounds to say the word'.

He will soon recognise the word, but be able to give the sounds. He needs the speech sounds, spelling, and meaning to store the words in his orthographic lexicon (as opposed to memorisation).

As there are no speech sound lines and  numbers I recommend a dot to show where to start, when following the monster sounds.
At this stage he will happily try to blend from right to left instead!

Join a toddler group and learn how to become the Speech Sound Mapping expert your child wants you to be!  

Tech Driven Speech & Phonemic Awareness Therapy
Giving Children their Word Wings:
Speech Sound Mapping.

Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping
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