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Memberships and Training

Developing Orthographic Knowledge: NeuroInclusive

  • Speech Sound Monster Map and Drag Tool

    Every year
    Map Words to show the graphemes, drag down the IPA aligned Monsters
    • Develop Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness
    • Use the IPA Phoneme Characters Designed for Toddlers
    • Learn the IPA: Transcribe English Words to Phonetic Script
    • Access Member Only Downloads eg Ready-Mapped HF Words
Orthographic Mapping - Pronunication, Spelling and Meaning!

Why might Orthographic Interference stop you from teaching children to bond sounds, spelling and meaning? 

Aussie teacher, and need access? We understand you may need to sign up in AU$ and pay an Australian business with ABN

Monster M
ap and Drag:
Sign Up for AU$95 for 12 Months using this Stripe link


Level 1 Award - 'Build a Bigger Brain Word Bank' Training and Support
Sign up for $95 for 3 months using this Stripe Link


These are not recurring payments, so your card will not be charged other than during initial set up - GST added at checkout. 

As you are not paying directly through the site we will need to set up your account manually Let's speed this along: when you have paid please register on the site (if you haven't done already) and email with the email you use to login to this site (especially important if different to the payment email) and we will approve access.


Map and Drag for Aussie teachers - Level 1 Award sign up in Australian dollars?

You can then login here, depending on your plan
Map and Drag for Paid Members
Level 1 Award for Paid Members

Ortho-Graphix Word Play: Overcoming Orthographic Interference of Phonics Teachers

Overcoming Orthographic Interference for Teachers of Phonics

This Ortho-Graphix Level 1 award is designed to help you 'unblock' your orthographic interference, if necessary, enabling you to more effectively map words, and to assist a broader audience in learning to speak, read, and spell in English. Most skilled readers experience orthographic interference to varying degrees, which only becomes significant when teaching phonics. This issue has been uniquely identified by Miss Emma, possibly because most program developers do not deliver training directly nor interact with those teaching phonics; thus, they fail to recognise this obstacle. The block can significantly hinder progress, and overcoming it through this training may be more challenging for some than for others, depending on the strength of the block. Ortho-Graphix Word Play is specifically designed to address this issue and to better support students as they expand their word banks.

Enjoy the training! Feel free to ask any questions, and remember to join the new support group. NB To be awarded the certificate you do need to submit and 'pass' the activities, but participation awards are also offered at the end of the 3 month access period. 

Essential Resources to Support Your Monster Mappers
Aussie Parents and Teachers please order in  AU$ @

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