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Supporting your child: connections that last a life timethrrough

Support Options for Parents & Carers

Whether you are a parent of a toddler who wants to ensure that their brains have the very best 'wiring', ready to read, write, and thrive (rather than wait to find out that the instruction at nursery or school does not align with their learning needs) or a parent of a child who is already, unfortunately, finding reading and spelling difficult, Emma Hartnell-Baker can help get YOU on track, so that YOU are the best coach and advocate for your child. You can accelerate their learning as you will understand their brain wiring, especially as it relates to the sounds of spoken language. YOU do not need to carry the burden of understanding psycholinguistics; 'Miss Emma' (the Duck Hands Lady) will figure out your child's brain and language needs and focus specifically on helping you to apply this knowledge in everyday FUN activities. When our child says 'Can I go and play now?' we want them choosing Monster Mapping!


At the moment, there is a support group for teachers, tutors, and speech therapists, which is a general group you will be happy joining after the 4 weeks. You may know more than teachers who are new to the group, as Orthographic Interference and the mapping of 'the whole code' isn't currently covered within synthetic phonics teacher training. You can also help change that!

What you will need, and what to expect!

These two Brain Boost groups launch in March: Begin and Build
Unlocking Learning Potential!

Parents and carers of toddlers : ideal for 2 - 3.5 year olds - Begin / Parents and carers of children aged 7 - 12 - Build
You will be sharing clips of your child with Miss Emma, as she will use those to tell you what they need. For 4 weeks, you will do specific activities with your child that centre around YOUR child's brain. These are not groups for those interested in general teaching; these are groups for individual children.

Tips: Follow the support group - even before you have gone though the support sessions - and let mapping speech sounds (phonemes) and Sound Pics (graphemes) become something you question daily!
OrthoGraphix Spelling Patterns
Download and subscribe monthly to the ICRWY Lessons app: this allows you to copy Code Mapped text  in the ICRWY Lessons app
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