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Exceptional Coaching and Tech for Unique Minds 

Celebrating Learning Differences


Phoneme Mapping Mastery : Navigating the Orthographic Lexicon With Ortho-Graphix 

Embrace your potential to be 'Exceptional' for unique children - whether your own children  (eg pre-school aged children or those being home-schooled) or others (as a coach)

To be an outstanding phonics teacher your own learning blocks need to be address: Orthographic Interference. This is a fairly normal 'state' for skilled readers, and has been exclusively identified by expert phonics teacher trainer Emma Hartnell-Baker after training thousands of teachers to use the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia 


The Level 1 Award seeks to address this Orthographic Interference (being blinded by the letters)

Ortho-Graphix Learning Lab for Exceptional Coaches: Inspiring Unique Minds 

Ortho-Graphix Ortho-Explorers! Facilitating Self-Directed Learning
Ortho-Graphix Training with Emma Hartnell-Baker

Join a unique group of exceptional coaches dedicated to PREVENTING children from becoming instructional casualties: inspiring unique minds and leading the way in the field of learning differences. We develop and utilise tech that engages minds and enables children— all children— to reach greater heights than ever thought possible.

At least 1 in 4 children in the UK need you! 
Over 130,000 children left primary school in 2023 unable to read and spell at minimum levels: they are unable to cope with the demands of the secondary school curriculum.
For most this was PREVENTABLE. 

After training thousands of teachers, to teach phonics using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia

Emma Hartnell-Baker realised that the best way to effectively meet the needs of ALL learners - regardless of which phonics programme they are using - is to enhance the Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness of TEACHERS and PARENTS!
This is the focus of the Ortho-Graphix Award Level 1. 

Ortho-Graphix Awards
Level 1 - £65 - open to anyone. Ideal for Phonics Teachers

Level 2 - £TBA
Ideal for tutors of children with additional Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and those with specific learning differences eg dyslexia, ADHD and autism.
Ortho-Graphix Spelling Pattern Seekers
Ortho-Graphix - Activities to Promote Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping Skills
Ortho-Graphix Growing Word Wings
Braintree Forest Readers included within Ortho-Graphix

Ortho-Graphix stands apart: it's not a phonics program, but a comprehensive solution designed to support PHONICS TEACHERS to better support neurodivergent learners and bridge learning gaps, enabling every child to acquire reading and spelling skills before the end of KS1. With these foundational skills securely in place, schools can then cultivate a 'Key Stage 2 (KS2) culture' that prioritises respect for individual choices and fosters a deep enthusiasm for reading, learning, and personal growth among students. Ask your school to become Neuro-Inclusive: Ortho-Graphix training focuses on the Phoneme-Grapheme awareness of ADULTS so that they can better support children  learning phonics.

Ortho-Graphix Level 1 - Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness is Key
Giving children their word wings - anywhere in the world!
Your skills will help you teach children to speak and read in English anywhere in the world!
Speech Sound Monsters with Toddlers
IPA aligned Speech Sound Monsters - Teaching Toddlers to Speak and Read in English

New Toddler Group Launching Soon!
Learning to Speak and Read in English 
with the IPA aligned Sound Monsters

Innovative tech solutions: speech sound monster mapping!
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