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An online school for everyone. 

You can attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school and still join our classes to develop your 'Word Wings' with Ortho-Graphix.

When do you graduate? When you become an advanced spelling code pattern seeker and can understand anything written by anyone!

Regardless of age, YOU can become an Ortho-Graphix Coach if the idea of sharing your knowledge and understanding with others excites you

NeuroNest.School - the Online School to Grow Word Wings
Ortho-Graphix Exceptional Coaches - Giving Learners their Word Wings

Ortho-Graphix Exceptional Coaches: Giving Learners their Word Wings

Even children can become Ortho-Graphix coaches! Rory (at risk of dyslexia) being taught by Kensi (autistic)
We do things differently, because so many children learn differently. 

Become a Level 3 Ortho-Graphix Exceptional Coach to join the NeuroNest Team.
We are inclusive: you don't have to be neurodivergent:-)

Ortho-Graphix Excecptional Coaches - Level 3 can join the online school team!
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