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Ortho-Explorers - Early Years - Phonemic and Orthographic Awareness!

Exploring Speech Sound Pics with IPA Phoneme Characters - Speech Sound Monsters! We are Ortho-Explorers! This award equips phonics teachers (whether parents or trained teachers) with the Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness necessary to model phoneme articulation more effectively and to identify why children are struggling to decode and encode - as well as understanding what to do about i

"Playing, talking, singing, and shared-book reading nurture a wide range of early language skills and strengthens the bonds between children and the significant adults in their lives. I'll guide you on how to take this further by becoming Ortho-Explorers together! Given that 1 in 4 children face reading challenges at school, your proactive involvement is key to ensuring your child not only copes but thrives."
— Emma Hartnell-Baker, the Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer

To be an outstanding phonics teacher your own learning blocks need to be address: Orthographic Interference. This is a fairly normal 'state' for skilled readers, and has been identified by expert phonics teacher trainer Emma Hartnell-Baker after training thousands of teachers to use the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia  

I have a deep love for children and the ability to identify those at risk of falling behind in their educational journey as early as ages 3 and 4. My efforts have been focused on showing schools in Australia how to spot these vulnerable children in the first term of Prep (Reception). Despite my dedication, much of this guidance has been overlooked. The reasons? Implementing my recommendations would mean a substantial shift from the established educational norms and a re-evaluation of prevailing theories on reading, especially in the development of orthographic knowledge. However what we can do, to more effectively meet the needs of ALL learners within the neurodiverse classroom, is to screen phonics teachers for phoneme-grapheme awareness, and overcome orthographic interference/ confusion (being 'blinded by the letters) 

The way we address the UK Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and literacy crisis needs a fresh perspective. And this is where you come in! By training with us, you can become part of a transformative movement. Let’s create a network of exceptional coaches, equipped with the skills to make a real difference in the world. Join us, and together, we can pave the way for a brighter educational future.

Level 1 Sign Up 

1 in 4 children in England cannot read when they leave primary school
Pictures of Speech Sounds! An easy way for children to understand \english orthography
Early intervention is key! Ortho-Graphix - Speech Sound Pics and Speech Sound Monsters!
Miss Emma - Emma Hartnell-Baker - SEND Specialist Training and Support! Early Intervention

I've developed the Level 1 Award to empower parents and early years educators with the knowledge and tools to identify if their child might face challenges with synthetic phonics; to do this YOU need to address a specific issue skilled readers face: Orthographic Interference. My goal is to help you step in early and prevent the emotional struggle that can come with these challenges by understanding them! Having worked extensively in Australia to advocate for alternative approaches in schools, I've realised the importance of direct support to those who are most influential in a child's early years. The training also offers something no-one else seems to be addressing: orthographic interference. If YOU can't give the expected phonemes when mapping graphemes in words, you cannot effectively help all learners to read and spell.

Instead of waiting for systemic changes that may not come in time to help at least 1 in 4 children who struggle with reading and spelling, this 'word mapping' knowledge equips parents and educators to identify and support these children from the start. The current education system often fails to provide what children need after initial difficulties, typically offering more of the same methods that didn't work initially. Ortho-Graphix is designed to move beyond that frustration and isolation, offering hands-on, effective strategies for early intervention. It is an intervention for teachers of phonics as much as for children

Early identification and intervention are crucial. Through the Level 1 Award, I'm committed to supporting those who are raising and working with these children, ensuring they have the best start in their literacy journey.

Best regards, Emma Hartnell-Baker

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