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You only get one chance to introduce your child to 'reading', and whether they learn quickly and easily or not, their experiences can determine whether they choose to read for pleasure. Part of The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait

Duck Hands with Emma Hartnell-Baker

Attend or access the pre-recorded three x 60 minute workshops with Innovate UK Award Winner, Emma Hartnell-Baker! As an Innovation and Inclusion Specialist, she shares a more playful way to ensure that every child not only learns to read but LOVES to read!

Early Dyslexia Screening for 3 Year Olds - Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix and Phonemies!
What is Speech Sound Mapping?
£10 Training Option

Best Value

Getting Started: Pre-Recorded Training



Half Price May Offer! Access 3 x 60 Minute Sessions for 3 Weeks, with Map and Drag Access

Valid for 3 weeks

Emma Hartnell-Baker is a neurodivergent educator with a Master's degree in Special Educational Needs and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Reading.

She supports parents and teachers around the world in meeting the needs of neurodiverse learners, using a more playful approach: embracing differences and focusing on their strengths. ALL learners need phonemic awareness and her current focus is Phonemic Awareness Mastery for pre-school aged children, including screening for 3 year olds 

Emma delivers training for SpLD tutors and teachers for PATOSS, the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties. She has recently partnered with Dr Grace Elliott, the Practice Manager of the British Dyslexia Association, to create the free Early Learning Differences Screening Tool for 3 and year olds.

These 3 sessions introduce parents and teachers to Speech Sound Mapping.
While accessing the training (for 3 weeks) you can play with Map and Drag.

After paying for training
you can access the recordings here for 3 weeks!
Watch at your leisure, and print off words created with Map and Drag 

After paying for training also please apply to join the Support Group on Facebook 

Use Map and Drag while you can access the training
(Usually £45 for 12 months)

Toddler Project: Speech Therapy & Phonemic Awareness Mastery Combined! Speech Sound Mapping


Access Map and Drag during the 3 weeks - included in the £10 training! Map your child's name, sight words etc - all orthographically mapped.  

Speech Sound Monsters- Phonemies
The /a/ grapheme in Avery's name has a different sound value than in other names and words - the monsters SHOW that.

There are 3 /a/ graphemes on the Monster Mapped name cards for Amari and Avery. None map with the phoneme (speech sound) shown here on the s a t p i n set Phonemies (Speech Sound Monsters) make the alphabetic code visible.

Monster Map and Drag! Speech Sound Mapping
The Toddler Project - Parent Traning Options and Support Group
Phonemic Awareness Mastery - the Toddler Project

Making English orthography visible! Follow the Monster Sounds to Say the Word

Phonemic Awareness Mastery Program- Start with Getting Started!
Unlocking Potential
The Toddler Project - Unlocking Your Child's Unique Learning Code

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Miss Emma   

Word Wings - Innovate UK Funded
Early Reading - 1,2,3 and Away! - with Phonemies - Speech Sound Therapy
Phonemies - Teacher and Parent Workshops - 1,2,3 and Away!
Avery explores 'Red' - 1,2,3 and Away!
Duck Hands Lines and Numbers with Miss Emma
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