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Who is Miss Emma?
AKA 'The Duck Hands Lady'


Miss Emma's impressive profile in early childhood education is further distinguished by her current academic pursuit: she is engaged in doctoral work at the University of Reading. This advanced study exemplifies her ongoing commitment to educational research and innovation. At this prestigious institution, known for its strong focus on education and linguistics, Miss Emma is deepening her expertise, particularly in areas related to reading, literacy development, and special educational needs.

Her decision to undertake doctoral research at the University of Reading aligns seamlessly with her extensive background as an early years teacher, owner of two 'outstanding' nurseries, and her role as an OFSTED Inspector. The doctoral work adds a significant layer of academic rigour and research-based insights to her professional experiences.

This blend of practical experience and academic research enables Miss Emma to approach the challenges of early childhood education with a unique perspective. It informs her development of Ortho-Graphix, a tool designed to transform the way children, including those with learning differences, develop phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge. Her doctoral studies are likely to further enhance the theoretical foundations and efficacy of Ortho-Graphix, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

Through her work, both in practice and research, Miss Emma continues to contribute profoundly to the field of education, particularly in developing methods and tools that make learning more accessible and engaging for all children. Her dedication to her doctoral studies at the University of Reading is yet another testament to her unwavering commitment to improving educational outcomes and supporting diverse learning needs.

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