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Early Dyslexia Screening for 3 Year Olds - Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix and Phonemies!

Ortho-Graphix: Transforming the Way Children Learn to Read for Pleasure by By Directly Connecting Spoken and Written English using the Code Mapping Tool and Phonemies 

Wooden Board
The Reading Hut- Reading for Pleasure
Code Mapping - We are Code Mappers!
Code Mapping with Speech Sound Pics
The Reading Hut - Speech Sound Mapping Therapy
The Village with Three Corners! Reading for Pleasure
Speech Sound Mapping - Earlier Reading for Pleasure!
Emma Hartnell-Baker has fun 'Speech Sound Mapping' with a class of Reception Children in South Australia and older students with dyslexia in the UK.
Speech Sound Mapping - The Toddler Project- Early Reading for Pleasure

"Phonemies" are also used to teach children to pronounce the English speech sounds (phonemes)
- as seen in China and the Solomon Islands

Innovative Solutions to Connect Spoken and Written English

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Innovate UK is funding the I Can Speak Without You ICSWY app - with  the Phonemies!
Ortho-Graphix for Speech and Language Therapy - Phonemies

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