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Growing Word Wings: Boot Camp for Parents.
Ortho-Graphix makes Orthographic Word Mapping fun!

Children can't become skilled readers and spellers without mastering orthographic word mapping. This could be the best investment in your child's future happiness you will ever make. You are with your child daily and will quickly and easily learn how to incorporate these playful techniques into daily life. Have fun together!
Quite simply, there is nothing even remotely like this available for toddlers and ND (neurodiverse) learners anywhere else.

Are you the parent of a toddler under 3.5 years, eager to see them master reading and spelling without difficulties, potentially overcoming early speech and language hurdles? Together, we will screen your child for learning blocks, such as dyslexia, and overcome them together through Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix

Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping with OrthoGraphix

Or perhaps you're the parent of a child aged 7-12 who isn’t thriving in school, struggling to read and spell with confidence and independence, and could benefit from an integrated approach that also supports their speech development?

You will learn the Ortho-Graphix Rewiring Dyslexia Technique to unlock their learning potential. This technique moves beyond temporary fixes like whole word memorisation, establishing new neural pathways for orthographic learning and mapping, ensuring a deep and lasting ability to read and spell—and all of this without tears.

Rewiring Orthographic Mapping
Discover and Build - Boot Camp
Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping with Speech Sound Pics - OrthoGraphix

Join our 4-week online boot camp with The Duck Hands Lady and be exceptional for the children in your life, supporting their journey towards becoming confident readers, spellers, and communicators. Put the magic into word mapping for all neurotypes! Learn the Ortho-Graphix Rewiring Dyslexia Technique  

Ortho-Graphix: Building Bigger Brain Word Banks! Visible Graphemes & Phonemes in Speech Therapy, Boosting Reading and Spelling Skills

Word Wings - Unlocking Learning Potential - Reading and Spelling without Tears

“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.”
– James Russell Lowell

The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait - Growing Word Wings

Ortho-Graphix Word Mapping significantly enhances the speed of learning in reading and spelling for all learners while also boosting their self-confidence and independence. Emma Hartnell-Baker is a world-renowned expert in creating experiences that unlock potential, enabling children to become avid readers before they start school, fostering a sense of achievement and autonomy from an early age.

Emma Hartnell-Baker Scoops National Award for Innovation

Innovate UK Funded - Emma Hartnell-Baker - Ortho-Graphix Ltd

News! Exciting Communication App Designed by Expert Emma Hartnell-Baker, as an Innovate UK Award Winner: Word Wings: I Can Speak Without You!

Exciting Announcement! 📢

I have received a National Award for Innovation from Innovate UK, which contributes to a £6.2 million boost for the UK’s future innovation leaders. My project is among those selected for funding from 233 high-potential entrepreneurs across every nation and region of the UK. It is aimed at revolutionising the way non-speaking children communicate, utilising pioneering thought-driven technology!
*I Can Speak Without You: Communicating My Way*

This Innovate UK funding will support my business idea, 'Growing Word Wings', which aims to empower non-speaking children by providing them with a voice, bypassing the conventional need for spoken words and addressing the critical literacy challenges faced by children with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN).

As one of the 233 innovators awarded funding by Innovate UK, I am especially excited to receive 12 months of tailored business support to help Ortho-Graphix Ltd grow, stimulating the UK’s economy.
The 'Growing Word Wings' project, soon available at, aims to create an accessible, engaging, and effective platform for early speech and language development. It leverages innovative technology to address and support phonemic awareness and language skills in young children, particularly those at risk of or experiencing SLCN and Dyslexia.

As I told a journalist recently, 'I’m delighted to have the support of Innovate UK, which will significantly enhance our ability to broaden the impact of Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping. This initiative is at the heart of our mission, leveraging technology to embrace and amplify the unique abilities of neurodivergent individuals. Our approach is designed not just to accommodate, but to celebrate the diversity of learning and communication styles, providing a platform that enables every child to unlock their full potential through effective communication. This support is a crucial step towards realising a world where the neurodiverse strengths of each child are the foundation of their learning and communication journey.'

This new award programme was apparently amongst the most highly engaged Innovate UK funding competitions with over 2,100 entrepreneurs applying for funding and business mentorship. I'm thrilled to have been selected, and that Innovate recognised the importance of our work for children.

Innovate UK has also today launched its free and accessible No Limits digital platform, which makes it easy for aspiring innovators to discover new career paths, sharpen their skills, and access opportunities to develop life-changing innovations and future-proof the UK economy. Visit the site here: ideas are amazing!

More details to follow as the tech is developed.
Also Look out for The Toddler Project: We Don’t Wait.

Emma Hartnell-Baker

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What is OrthoGraphix®?

How can Ortho-Graphix training and technology make it easier for you, your child, or your students to learn to speak, read, and spell in English, enhancing confidence and independence?


** Children Learning to Speak, Read and Spell in English **

The ability to map speech sounds to the 'pictures' of those sounds (graphemes) is at the heart of phonics. Miss Emma, a world leader in teaching neurodivergent learners to read and spell, wanted her dyslexic students in particular to be SHOWN the 'parts' of the word and to HEAR those speech sounds, making it easier to link the two. She also aimed for them to achieve this without needing to stop (thus avoiding disrupting the flow of reading and understanding) or to ask for help.

Ortho-Graphix makes the Speech Sound Connections 'visible' and provides children with their own personal Speech Sound Mapping Coach on any device. Miss Emma uses IPA-aligned speech sounds (Received Pronunciation) to ensure that anyone learning to speak or read English, or learning to map phonemes and graphemes with phonics instruction, has access to the consistent 'Universal Spelling Code' they expect.  Word Play is so much FUN, and learners can choose the words that interest them! By connecting spoken and written words, and by making them VISIBLE, their interests are integrated.   


** Adults Guiding Learners to Speak, Read and Spell in English **

These ground-breaking EdTech tools also aid those tasked with teaching phonics in recognising a phenomenon Emma Hartnell-Baker discovered after teaching tens of thousands of teachers in Australia: being 'blinded by the letters'. This is termed 'Orthographic Interference' in research and occurs when people become skilled readers with a robust 'Brain Word Bank' (orthographic lexicon). Their perceptions of what they see and hear become confused by their 'skilled reader brain'. When guiding learners to map phonemes to graphemes, it's crucial to 'unblock' this interference! Ready-mapped words, along with the other Ortho-Graphix tools, enable teachers to develop the exceptional word mapping skills needed to fully support ALL learners in their neurodiverse classrooms. Furthermore, children love learning WITH adults, exploring the words that are of interest to them. The mapping often surprises us - as skilled readers - moreso than the children!  

Three things are needed for learners to 'store' words in their Brain Word Banks: the speech sounds, spelling, and meaning; and the more words are explored, the bigger the orthographic lexicon becomes! Very quickly, experts in Speech Sound Mapping have empowered their students, through their own new awareness of those speech sound connections.

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies
Speech Sound Pics SSP Approach: Ortho-Graphix

The Visible Linguistic Ortho-Code for Reading and Spelling! Become Ortho-Explorers with  '1,2,3 and Away!'  
Monster Mappers: Children as Young as 18 Months Discover Speech Sound Pics with the IPA Aligned Phoneme Characters (Speech Sound Monsters) 

Are you a Key Stage 1 teacher, an SpLD specialist, or a Speech Therapist seeking to elevate your professional practice? Learn unique strategies to set you apart as an expert in teaching children to read and spell, with a special emphasis on supporting speech and language development. By adding our specialised techniques and tools to your repertoire, including the ​Rewiring Dyslexia Technique RDT you'll provide enhanced literacy support, making a significant difference in both the reading skills and speech capabilities of the children you serve.

Speech Sound Mapping!

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies
Speech Sound Pics SSP Approach: Ortho-Graphix
Growing Word Wings with Ortho-Graphix!
Wooden Picket Fence

Are you the parent of a toddler (children under 3 years of age)? Miss Emma will personally guide you towards becoming an expert at Speech Sound Mapping! This makes it easier for your child to confidently speak and read in English before starting school.

Four-week classes (for YOU!) - with support from other parents of toddlers who have already been through the training and are so excited about what their children can do, they want to share this happiness and pay it forward! Sign up for the newsletter at top of page!

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies
Speech Sound Pics SSP Approach: Ortho-Graphix

Emma Hartnell-Baker has extensive experience not only in managing 'Outstanding' rated nurseries and subsequently being appointed by OFSTED as an Early Years Regulatory Inspector, but also in leading whole school improvement in Australia. She has brought about substantial changes in attitudes towards the teaching of reading and spelling within neurodiverse classroom settings. Known by the children as 'Miss Emma', she advocates for playful, self-directed learning and opportunities for children to learn in ways and at paces that meet their unique needs. 

After spending over two decades supporting learners in a wide range of settings, including teenagers permanently excluded from school for behaviour she asserts was the direct result of being failed by the education system and unable to read or spell, she undertook postgraduate studies. She was awarded a Master's Degree in SpLD with a specialism in Dyslexia and is currently undertaking doctoral studies at the University of Reading, in the UK. She returned to the UK specifically to ascertain whether the training and support offered to teachers, who are mandated to teach phonics 'first and fast', have the necessary skills and resources to meet all learner needs. However, she is determined to prevent learning difficulties in children, as developmental speech and language needs are on the increase, with funding and therapy services difficult to secure. There is also a SEND crisis in the UK, with 1 in 4 children unable to read by the time they leave primary school. Therefore, Miss Emma is looking for parents of very young children to play with new and exciting tools to teach toddlers to speak and read in English, using her established and highly successful approach. 

Ortho-Graphix: Speech Sound Pics and Speech Sound Monsters. We are Monster Mappers!
Teaching Toddler to Speak and Read in  English! We are Monster Mappers

Teaching Toddlers to Speak and Read in English
Wings Word Play Centre

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies
Early speech and reading intervention - Ortho-Graphix
Ortho-Graphix Word Play: Overcoming Orthographic Interference of Phonics Teachers

Overcoming Orthographic Interference for Teachers of Phonics

The Ortho-Graphix Level 1 Award is designed to help you 'unblock' your orthographic interference, if necessary, enabling you to more effectively map words, and to assist a broader audience in learning to speak, read, and spell in English. Most skilled readers experience orthographic interference to varying degrees, which only becomes significant when teaching phonics. This issue has been uniquely identified by Miss Emma, possibly because most program developers do not deliver training directly nor interact with those teaching phonics; thus, they fail to recognise this obstacle. The block can significantly hinder progress, and overcoming it through this training may be more challenging for some than for others, depending on the strength of the block. Ortho-Graphix Word Play is specifically designed to address this issue and to better support students as they expand their 'brain word banks' (orthographic lexicon).

Enjoy the training! Feel free to ask any questions, and remember to join the new support group.
NB To be awarded the certificate you do need to submit and 'pass' the activities, but participation awards are also offered at the end of the 3 month access period. 

Emma Hartnell-Baker, known as 'Miss Emma', has identified a gap in existing literature and is ahead of current research by already offering 'Overcoming Orthographic Interference' training for parent and teachers tasked with teaching phonics.

Join the OrthoGraphix Group: a support network for individuals delving into phoneme-grapheme mapping and orthographic interference through Ortho-Graphix training. This group is designed to enhance orthographic awareness among adults, regardless of the phonics program being utilised. Our mission is to better support the phonics learning journey of children. It's important to note that this is not a forum for discussing phonics teaching methodologies per se; rather, it focuses on improving YOUR orthographic awareness!

Miss Emma and her Duck Hands!
Speech Sound Pics SSP Approach: Ortho-Graphix
Duck Hands, Speech Sound Lines and Numbers - Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy!

When children can use their 'Duck Hands®' to segment words into speech sounds, from left to right, and blend them, we are addressing one of the issues children struggle with: phonemic awareness. If they can't isolate, segment, and blend speech sounds, how can they map them with the 'pictures' of those speech sounds, i.e., graphemes? The importance of that mapping is why Miss Emma launched the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia over a decade ago. Children and adults love Duck Hands! Miss Emma also has her own 'character' in Speech Sound Cloud Land - and is often seen drinking tea! Miss Emma speaks with sounds that are close to the 'Received Pronunciation' used within phonics instruction around the world, for consistency. Children may find it easier to understand the phoneme-grapheme mapping of words with her speech sounds. Through the screen eg with the ICRWY Lessons app, they listen to the words, see the segmented graphemes (Sound Pics), and hear the phonemes, which supports the development of orthographic mapping; a skill needed to become literate

Ortho-Graphix: An Exploration oSpeech Sounds and Sound Pics!
Ortho-Graphix is not a programme. 

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies

Ortho-Graphix stands out as a ground-breaking approach in speech therapy, reading and spelling education, particularly tailored for neurodivergent children, including those who are very young. Ortho-Graphix is used to more easily build each learners' Orthographic Lexicon ie their 'brain dictionary' by bringing together three important pieces of the puzzle in a unique way.
A complete “brain dictionary entry” includes information about the three forms of the word: its phonological form (its pronunciation); its orthographic form (its spelling); and its semantic form (its meaning(s)  The speed and ease with which words are retrieved from the orthographic lexicon depends on the degree to which these three forms are linked – or “bound” - to one another in memory. When there are no learning difficulties an increasing number of words will be stored in the orthographic lexicon and committed to memory without conscious effort or explicit instruction following a 'kick-start' of phonics. Unfortunately some children fail to self-teach and store words. Their mental dictionary is sparse, and they cannot see when words 'don't look right'. The gap between learners becomes vast, the more words children store - and the more books they read. Being unable to read independently before Year 2 puts children at a distinct disadvantage.   

Developed by Miss Emma, known as The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer, Ortho-Graphix is grounded in a "Less Teaching, More Learning" ethos and facilitates speech and language development that is very much play based and child-led. It specifically targets the inherent challenges of English orthography, where a single grapheme can represent multiple phonemes, and a single phoneme can be depicted by various graphemes. This complexity is further compounded in educational environments where the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) isn't consistently used to standardise speech sounds (phonemes) and where adults who teach phonics are insufficiently trained in ways that help them to overcome the orthographic confusion so many skilled readers face. As a teacher of phonics these challenges need to be acknowledged and overcome. Speech therapist are already well-trained to use the IPA and have been using the phoneme characters as alternatives to phonetic symbols in Australia for over 5 years.   


To address challenges, for children, speech therapists and teachers of phonics, Miss Emma has innovated two key resources. The first is an orthographic mapping tool that visually presents graphemes in words. The second is a child-friendly adaptation of the IPA, utilising phoneme characters in place of conventional phonetic symbols. Children understand that a dog says 'woof', a cow says 'moo' etc: these Speech Sound Monsters have their own sounds - they just happen to be English phonemes!
Together, these tools form the essence of Ortho-Graphix, which not only makes the written code visible and supports English pronunciation but also aids children in understanding the universally expected phoneme-to-grapheme mapping: the perfect 'cheat code' for those who do NOT speak like the King!

A distinctive feature of Ortho-Graphix is its immediate, interactive learning capability. Children can click on words they are unable to read and instantly see the 'Sound Pics' (graphemes), along with hearing the corresponding phonemes. This feature significantly enhances their orthographic knowledge by providing immediate answers and auditory reinforcement. This method is especially beneficial for neurodivergent children who often thrive with technology-based learning solutions, Children do not need to be able to speak, to use Ortho-Graphix: they can use the Speech Sound Monsters. 

Another unique feature of Ortho-Graphix is its potential to develop the Phoneme-Grapheme Awareness of phonics teachers, and to overcome Orthographic Interferences, which Emma Hartnell-Baker refers to as being 'blinded by the letters'. Orthographic interference poses a considerable challenge for phonics teachers, a phenomenon which seems to be under-explored in current research, This is addressed in the Level 1 Award. Workshops and in-house training for nurseries and schools can be arranged.

Looking ahead, Miss Emma is set to incorporate more technological advancements into Ortho-Graphix. This evolution will further streamline the speaking, reading and spelling process, empowering children to read any chosen text independently and learn spelling more intuitively. This tech-enhanced, personalised approach is anticipated to bring forth new innovations that simplify learning. Ortho-Graphix, with its 'cheat code', aims to transform reading into a delightful, accessible journey for all children, encouraging them to discover the enchanting world of written English and experience the joy of reading for pleasure. The upcoming technological suite promises to make a significant impact on reading education & teacher professional development as well as to speech therapy, marking a new era of learning accessibility.

Monster Mappers around the world
Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies

Ortho-Graphix: Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy

Did you know that while toddlers are learning to speak we can shape speech sound brains?

The BBC reports a crisis in UK Speech Therapy Services, exacerbated by lockdowns and staff shortages. Over 75,000 children are on waiting lists, and 29% of therapist positions remain unfilled. This has led to a generation starting school with significant speech difficulties, impacting their confidence and learning.

At the same time, the UK also faces a 'SEND crisis. At least 1 in 4 children leave primary school unable to read and write. 

Miss Emma, an ND teacher and SEND expert, is tackling many of these issues head-on by involving parents and offering training and support. Many of these issues can be addressed by teaching children AND ADULTS to map speech sounds (phonemes) with Sound Pics (graphemes and by shaping speech sound brains.

Transforming Language Learning: Ortho-Graphix's Innovative Approach to Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping and Speech Therapy for Children and Adults

Train with Miss Emma and master the Universal Spelling Code
Speech Sound Cloudland  - Orthographic Knowledge

Empowering ALL Learners:
Unlocking OrthographiKnowledge
"I Can Speak, Read & Spell Without You!"

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies

Ortho-Graphix: Unlocking Orthographic Knowledge. Speech Sound Pics Approach - Speech Therapy PLUS Phonemic Awareness Training! Igniting a Passion for Spoken & Written English

Ortho-Graphix: Exceptional Coaching for Unique Minds -  Speech Sound Pics Approach
Exceptional Coaching - Building the New! Ortho-Graphix

Each Speech Sound Monster corresponds to one of the IPA phonetic symbols, serving as a visual mnemonic to aid children in the recognition and articulation of sounds, thereby offering an innovative approach to a deeper understanding of English orthography, and the easier development of orthographic knowledge. 

The IPA for Phonics also offers children an instant cheat code for reading: a way to know the grapheme to phoneme correspondences not explicitly taught within systematic phonics programs. 

Phoneme Characters - IPA Aligned - Developing Orthographic Knowledge
Unlocking Orthographic Knowledge
Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies

The 'Speech Sound Monster' characters' are engaging phonetic symbols with personality: An IPA for children Learning phonics! 

Build a Speech Sound Wall!
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Code Shown, Word Known! - Ortho-Graphix

Ortho-Graphix : Speech Sound Pics - Unlocking Orthography with the IPA for Children Learning Phonics. Neuro-Inclusive
Designed to bridge the gaps left by synthetic phonics, enabling every child to acquire reading and spelling skills: The Universal IPA aligned Spelling Code

Miss Emma's impressive profile in early childhood education is further distinguished by her current academic pursuit: she is engaged in doctoral work at the University of Reading. This advanced study exemplifies her ongoing commitment to educational research and innovation. At this prestigious institution, known for its strong focus on education and linguistics, Miss Emma is deepening her expertise, particularly in areas related to reading, literacy development, and special educational needs.

Her decision to undertake doctoral research at the University of Reading aligns seamlessly with her extensive background as an early years teacher, owner of two 'outstanding' nurseries, and her role as an OFSTED Inspector. The doctoral work adds a significant layer of academic rigour and research-based insights to her professional experiences.

This blend of practical experience and academic research enables Miss Emma to approach the challenges of early childhood education with a unique perspective. It informs her development of Ortho-Graphix, a tool designed to transform the way children, including those with learning differences, develop phonemic awareness and orthographic knowledge. Her doctoral studies are likely to further enhance the theoretical foundations and efficacy of Ortho-Graphix, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

Through her work, both in practice and research, Miss Emma continues to contribute profoundly to the field of education, particularly in developing methods and tools that make learning more accessible and engaging for all children. Her dedication to her doctoral studies at the University of Reading is yet another testament to her unwavering commitment to improving educational outcomes and supporting diverse learning needs.

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Ortho-Graphix from The Reading Hut 

Ortho-Graphix - Linguistic and Visual Mapping of Words ! Boosting Orthographic Knowledge - Including ALL Learners - NeuroReadies
The Reading Hut - home of Ortho-Graphix!

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