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Early Dyslexia Screening for 3 Year Olds - Speech Sound Mapping with Ortho-Graphix and Phonemies!
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The Reading Hut- Reading for Pleasure
Code Mapping - We are Code Mappers!
Code Mapping with Speech Sound Pics

Shining a Light on Personalised Learning: #iLearnDifferently Initiative

The alarming rise in the number of children struggling with literacy by the end of primary school is a symptom of a broader educational crisis. Data from the Department for Education indicates that between 25-40% of children are falling behind, a significant increase from 20 years ago. Moreover, studies by the National Literacy Trust show a growing disinterest in reading among those who are capable.

Amidst these challenges, the mental health of our young people has been declining for over a decade. Traditional, rigid educational models often overlook the unique learning needs and paces of neurodiverse (includind gifted) students, stifling their true potential.

In response to this critical situation, Emma Hartnell-Baker, renowned for her expertise in whole school literacy improvement and her former role as a manager of 'outstanding' nurseries and an OFSTED Inspector, has returned to the UK from Australia to launch a pioneering initiative aimed at transforming early education through the #iLearnDifferently movement. This more neuro-inclusive approach focuses on early detection of children at risk of falling through the cracks, identifying learning differences that conventional methods miss. The goal is to stop creating a SEND crisis in the first place. 

At the core of Emma’s strategy is the belief in the power of personalised learning, not tied to outdated phonics methods but through innovative practices that engage children in learning through their interests. The Early Learning Differences Centre will offer free dyslexia screening for three-year-olds and a unique approach to learning that revolves around word mapping through play, focusing on the words that children find intriguing, not words predominantly chosen as they align to a 'scope and sequence'. When learning to read before entering mainstream education we can do things differently! 

This approach fosters a natural love for 'code mapping' - the foundation of reading and spelling - using it as a by-product of engaging educational experiences rather than the sole objective. This also serves to build a deeper bond between adults and children as they talk about their lives and interests. The offerings will extend to a much broader goal of eradicating illiteracy and tackling personal, social, and emotional development, exploring issues that schools do not have the funding, time, or capacity to tackle. By sending children to school with high level phonemic and orthographic awareness and oral language skills this may change as so much time is freed up in KS1 because they do not need phonics instruction.   

Emma Hartnell-Baker is committed to sharing this approach, which she has successfully used to teach neurodiverse learners to read for pleasure, integrating cutting-edge technology to tailor learning to each child’s needs.
Screening at Three - with the Phonemic Awareness Screener - will make all the difference!
Phonemic Awareness Mastery is key to unlocking literacy success.

The Toddler Project - Phonemic Awareness Mastery with Phonemies
The Toddler Project - Phonemic Awareness Mastery
Speech Sound Mapping - The Toddler Project - Phonemic Awareness Mastery
Learning Differences Centre - iLearnDifferently
Dr Grace Elliott and Emma Hartnell-Baker - PATOSS
The Neurodivegent Reading Whisperer - Emma Hartnell-Baker
iLearndifferently - Early Learning Differences Centre

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Getting Started: Pre-Recorded Training



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Speech Sound Mapping

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The Phonemic Awareness Mastery
Programmes has a focus on:

Phonemic Awareness
Phoneme Articulation
Working Memory
and having FUN !

You need to start with the 3 x 60 minute sessions


These pre-schoolers are blending phonemes (speech sounds) and encoding with Phonemies (Speech Sound Monsters)
This is happening BEFORE learning 'letters' (graphemes) via phonics instruction.

The Reading Hut - Speech Sound Mapping Therapy
The Village with Three Corners! Reading for Pleasure
The Toddler Project - Raising Code Mappers
Speech Sound Mapping - Earlier Reading for Pleasure!

Ortho-Graphix® solutions are designed for parents and teachers looking for ...

Emma Hartnell-Baker has fun 'Speech Sound Mapping' with a class of Reception Children in South Australia and older students with dyslexia in the UK.
Speech Sound Mapping - The Toddler Project- Early Reading for Pleasure

"Phonemies" are also used to teach children to pronounce the English speech sounds (phonemes)
- as seen in China and the Solomon Islands

Innovative Solutions to Connect Spoken and Written English

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